ad. 24. Why to undergo chorionic villus sampling/amniocentesis at our centre?

Patients who decide to undergo a conclusive examination at our centre receive full guarantee that the sample collection will be performed by specialists experienced in this field: dr. Wiecheć and/or dr. Nocuń. We do sampling regularly, at least once a week. We hold the highest efficiency in chorion culture in Poland, which proves not only laboratory experience but also optimal collection of material for a test (we had only 2 failures in chorion culture). We maintain extremely low percentage of pregnancy losses (in the last 5 years: 0 losses after amniocentesis; 0 losses after NT of less than 6mm; 4 losses after chorionic villus sampling – including 2 cases of the Edwards’ syndrome with a vast edema with NT of 6mm; 1 case of the Turner syndrome with a hydrops fetalis and NT=8.1mm; 1 case of extensive umbilical hernia containing a liver, without chromosomal aberrations). All of these losses could have been caused by serious congenital defects. Safety and efficiency of sampling is certified at our centre by the most difficult to obtain certificate of competence in invasive procedures awarded by the Fetal Medicine Foundation (requires a documentation of the number of performed procedures, as well as taking theoretical and practical exam at one of the leading European clinics). For procedures, we employ highest quality needles with tips reflecting ultrasounds, i.e. an echo tip, in order to maintain the same standards of material collection as in the top American clinics.

The laboratory section is covered by a team of cytogeneticists KARIOGEN with over 20 years of experience in growing cells, teaching other specialists in this field for years. The factors of time and comfort are important as well. We are able to collect a sample on the same day, not wasting time for referrals and additional examinations (apart from the blood type), or obstetric and genetic consultation as in a state hospital, where the procedure is usually connected with a long waiting time and a journey. All our samples end up in the lab within an hour using our own transport. The prices of examinations are adjusted to minimize the cost for our patients.

Patients with Rh-Negative blood type are provided with anti-D immunoglobulin.

We are responsible for our actions, therefore, our patients are always presented with an option, which is, in our opinion, the safest and the quickest. It is impossible for us to be responsible for examinations performed at other centres, whether state or private, and for that reason, we do not raise the issue of “other options” during consultations.