ad. 10. Nuchal translucency (NT) screening test.

In the situation when the examination of the first trimester revealed an increased NT, a lot of patients wish to undergo a check-up examination towards the issue some time later at another centre. Since they look for someone who would ease their mind, they do not pay attention to the precision of the scan, which might influence the accurate diagnosis in a negative way.

What factors should one take into consideration when seeking a second opinion? First of all, it is important to check whether the examiner holds the FMF certificate in measurement (the names of the specialists authorized can be found on, in the section concerning certificates in NT: “Holders of the FMF certificate in measurement of NT”) and whether he/she is experienced (, in the section concerning certificates in NT: “NT specialists with successful audit”). A very important issue is if the measurement has been done according to the regulations, which can be seen in the image of NT attached to the results. The results without the images are treated as if there was no measurement, since the image serves as a proof that the examination was performed precisely and reliably. Please note that an increased nuchal translucency is a symptom, which disappears, in both healthy and unhealthy fetuses. Therefore, the best solution would be to consult the issue immediately and if the risk of chromosomal aberrations is increased (calculated on the basis of the highest, precisely measured NT value), to undergo a test of a higher sensitivity or a conclusive examination. An isolated, increased NT in a lot of cases is not connected with any fetal anomaly, however, it might be clarified only with the use of adequate methods.

At our centre, we can perform a second opinion examination, and a conclusive test if necessary. Please mention the problem during the registration, we will schedule the appointment at the earliest convenience.