Paternity testing during pregnancy

Paternity test can be safely performed even in the first day after birth. However, in some cases paternity tests are carried out at a prenatal stage (during pregnancy). When is it possible and what are the requirements to perform such a test?

When is it possible to carry out a paternity test during pregnancy?
Determining  paternity during pregnancy is possible only while performing prenatal diagnostic examinations (e.g. chorionic villus sampling between 11 and 14 weeks or amniocentesis after 15 weeks). Extracted during the examination amniotic fluid or a chorion sample may be used also as a comparative material for a paternity test.

Examination effectiveness
The effectiveness of a paternity test performed during pregnancy is the same as in case of examinations performed after birth and equals 100% in excluding paternity and above 99.9% in confirming it.

More information concerning the test itself you can get:
calling a free helpline (for stationary and mobile phones): 800-007-771
calling under the number: (32) 363 08 75
writing to the laboratory at:

All questions concerning the extraction of material for prenatal examinations please direct under the telephone number of the reception desk.