We would like to share our experience concerning prenatal ultrasound especially with patients whose babies are suspected of having congenital anomalies. Taking into consideration parents’ anxiety, each of such consultations is carried out with a special care and, above all, it is given a proper priority. Therefore, please state the nature of the problem during the phone registration. We will do our best to carry out a consultation possibly quickly.

All patients are encouraged to have a consultation at our centre. The prices of consulting anomalies are set individually, considering the gravity of the problem. In some cases we also offer free-of-charge scans as a part of MWU- Workshops in Ultrasound, or individually at our centre.


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Most frequently consulted:

  • Late first trimester scans of patients with an increased risk for genetic syndromes in the course of pregnancy.
    We are a diagnostic centre which utilizes a risk algorithm for aneuploidies provided by Fetal Medicine Foundation. We take blood samples for NIPT (Neobona/Harmony/NIFTY) tests. We offer conclusive tests instantaneously, it reduces the time needed for diagnosis to the minimum. We cooperate with the reputable Kostyk Kruczek Genetics Centre, where patients are consulted in the scope of clinical genetics by vastly experienced specialists Ewa Kostyk MD, PhD and Anna Kruczek MD. The comprehensive approach prvides our patients with the highest standard of medical service.
  • Fetal congenital defects
    Scans performed at our centre are treated as diagnostic tests. Working in a team, we instantaneously offer second opinion of a more experienced specialist to our patients. In some cases, we ask pediatric specialists for a consultation about a given problem.
  • Congenital defects of female reproductive organ
    A pelvic scan of the reproductive organ is performed with the use of three-dimensional technique, which ensures accuracy and reliability of the test in  questionable cases.
  • Ultrasound pelvic scans in children and young women
    Examination of girls and young women is performed by Agnieszka Nocuń MD, PhD. It is always a transabdominal ultrasound, conducted in a gentle and patient way. It is essential that a patient is properly prepared before the examination. In order to fill the bladder, a patient should drink 1.5L of still water one hour before the appointment.
  • Ovarian tumors and cysts
    We are among the few specialists in Poland accredited by the IOTA Group to detect adnexal masses, which might be malignant. We use the latest ADNEX risk assessment algorithm based on simple rules.
  • Second opinion examinations and consultations
    At our centre, we eagerly share our experience with our patients. We offer consultations and so called verifying scans. In order to be able to consult you honestly and to guarantee the highest standard of medical service, we do not familiarize ourselves with the results of the first opinion before the examination. After the consultation, at the patient’s request, we compare our result with the prior one and if they are divergent, we discuss the issue with the parents in detail. Please note that we do not give opinion about diagnoses of our colleagues in view of our respect for their work. We are convinced and would like our patients to realize that an ultrasound scanning is a technique highly dependent on conditions which are, e.g. fetus position, medical equipment, examination technique and the examinator’s knowledge and experience. In our view, giving an opinion about their work would show the lack of professionalism. We believe that owing to this approach, we stand out on the market.

In case of finding fetal anomalies we offer our help and further ultrasound consultations.  We assure that only a necessary number of check-up examinations will be performed. In such a case, the price of the examination differs from the standard price list. In some cases, we also offer free-of-charge examinations.

Despite received letters from lawyers, we explicitly declare that we do not cooperate and do not intend to cooperate with any law firm concerning patients’ claims. We believe that good quality would defend itself. We focus mainly on education, and through workshops we raise the qualifications of our colleagues from all over Poland.